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The Bob Draga Scholarship Fund

Clarinet Scholarship Awards
16.25 %
Goal: $2000.00 | Raised: $325.00 Started: June 29, 2012
Ended: October 31, 2012

Bob is a strong supporter of music education, especially with the youth of today.  His generous time with kids that seek his expertise and understanding of the clarinet and its intricate personality is what he does best.  In addition to performance level playing, Bob teaches a stage presence that all future musicians need to develop to be successful in their chosen field.

In 2011 Bob was able to present 2 scholarships to two very deserving youth of today.  In 2012 only one was presented as a result of a drop in financial support.  Bob has a strong conviction that this level of financial support will never achieve his goals of passing along the music he so dearly loves.

I have told Bob that I am positive that his fans and friends will step forward this year and help him make it to the top of his financial goal..... That of four scholarships of $500 each. 

I have told him that "may hands help make lifting easy".  Amounts of $25, $50, $100 or more will all help in achieving this goal.  Please take this moment in time and include your part in this truly noble endeavor.