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MY INSPIRATION ~ Bob Draga Quintet ~ 2012

 I've always enjoyed listening to and playing various kinds of music.  At this stage of my career, audiences seem very receptive to my branching out.  So for this album, I chose tunes that reflect their appreciation as well as my desire to play them.

Thanks to Paul Midiri's arranging skills and Danny Coots' many hours in a recording studio along with the accurate and intuitive playing of both Jeff Phillips and Bobby Durham, I believe we came as close to getting it right as possible.    

   Bob Draga 

 We Three  ~   ''ARE WE THERE YET''

Bob Draga, Jeff Barnhart & Danny Coots ~ 2012

 Well, here we are again...FINALLY!!!!  After what seems an eon of waiting, we can offer you, our loyal fans and friends, another helping of WE THREE on CD.

As always, we tried to have something for everyone including a rare recorded vocal by Bob!!  Many thanks for continuing to support live music in general and WE THREE in particular.  

                                                                Jeff, Danny & Bob

 Swing Sweet Clarinet ~ Bob Draga ~ c 1992

I've tried to select the most often requested songs with the hope I won't have to record again anytime soon.  All in all, this recording is pretty damned good, what with the help of one of the best jazz bands in the country and a rhythm section second to none.  I don't think we will find too many unopened copies at garage sales.

Most of all, thanks to all those I've met and worked with for sharing themselves, their talents, and our mutual love of early American jazz and swing..........Bob Draga 

                 10 of my favorite and famous songs to quench your jazz thurst.


MoodSwings~ the Bob Draga Sextet & Full Symphony Orchestra ~ c 1999

Perhaps what makes this recording unusual is the diversity of the song selections.  I've always played what most moves me and hoped it hit home to the folks listening.  Thanks to the wonderful arrangements and creativity of Bernie Walker, I was able to express my feelings through the music.  There is an emotion and/or experience behind every song I selected.  The mood they created determined these results..........Bob Draga

             A collection of 12 famous songs guaranteed to please your every Mood

A Palette of Love Songs ~ Bob Draga, Joe Fos and Bill Andrews


A 15 song collection of Show tunes, Ballads and Forever favorites.  From the writings of Gershwin, Mancini, Lerner & Loewe, Hudson-DeLange-M ills, Rogers & Hammerstein and many more, comes Bob's most recent and tender love song collections.   Sixty five minutes of truly recognizable songs that are created for that romantic evening together with your loved one.

The Goal was quite simple - create the most moving and beautiful renditions of music possible.  Bob and Joe selected not only songs with great recognition and appeal to all listeners, but equally enjoyable to perform as musicians.


Additional albums will be added when available

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To order CD's, please mail a check made payable to: Bob Draga

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$18.50 per CD which includes postage.

Thank you for your continued support of Bob  

 and his musical endeavors.